Design and Performance you can Feel

We know that you want your home and everything in it to reflect who you are. And we want you to have the cleaning products to achieve this. In product design we always value high-quality design. In developing our products we make sure that they deliver the cleanliness you can feel in use. In design we pay particular attention to detail, to make sure you get the thoroughness and satisfying result you expect from a Vileda product. In designing our products we value efficiency, as we know that for you it is not the cleaning that matters, but the result. We innovate as design to make cleaning as convenient and easy as possible. This is why our inventions, such as the non-woven fabric and our Microfibre technology, have all set new standards in cleaning. Products such as the Vileda Window Cloth, the Glitzi, the Super Mocio, the All Purpose Cloth and our flat mops have all become highly appreciated household helpers. And in some cases have even become generic names.

An essential part of high-quality design is ergonomics. For an easy and efficient clean we want cleaning to be as stress-free as possible. For instance, the wringers in our bucket systems help squeeze the water out of the mop without having to exert yourself or bend over. Form follows function. Alongside efficiency and the other functional aspects of the product development cycle, aesthetics also play a role. The ceaseless improvement of our products is reflected in our constantly updated designs. Efficiency, ergonomics and design all join forces to transform your household chores into a fast and effortless undertaking - leaving more quality time for you to enjoy your home as you like it.

A number of our products have been awarded prestigious Design Awards, such as our Vileda VR201 PetPro vacuum robot.

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